A Message to Our Customers About COVID-19

Friends, Families and Customers –

At the Luke Family of Brands, the well-being of our coworkers and our customers remains our top priority. During this time, we feel it is important to share with you the steps that the Luke Family of Brands is taking to ensure that we provide the highest standards of maintaining a healthy environment. We are also continually monitoring COVID-19 and are adhering to the advice and protocols set by the CDC and local health officials.

You are required to wear a mask to enter our stores, and we do expect you to maintain social distancing and avoid contact where possible.

We continuously monitor our bathrooms and wipe down commonly contacted surfaces in our stores at least every 60 minutes to ensure continued cleanliness. We will be temporarily discontinuing food sampling. We will also be discontinuing any cup refills in our stores. Please utilize only disposable cups temporarily in the interest of all of our customers. We have also increased our cleaning and disinfecting schedules to maintain a healthy environment to keep our employees and customers safe. The Luke Family of Brands prioritizes health and well-being by encouraging our teammates who are not feeling well to stay home.

Our stores remain open for business to serve and support our customers during this challenging time.

On behalf of the entire Luke Family of Brands team, we look forward to Serving U while continuing to monitor the situation at hand. Thank you for your continued loyalty and support.